Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Travel/ Tourism/ Sport-160

Do you have a love for traveling, seeing new cultures and meeting new people? This company has steadily grown since 1992, into one of the leading alternative and adventure touring companies in the Western Cape.

The trips are a far cry from your average mainstream bus tour in that they aim to keep their travelers out of the bus as much as possible, with activities such as hiking, biking, cruising, picnicking & swimming available on many of our tours.

They are looking for an intern who can help them in the following area's:
(Office & Operations): Handling cash ups, answering emails, answering phone and handling bookings, liaising with guides, overseeing day tour operations, booking accommodations & permits for long tours
(Touring): Help on long tours, corporate events and day tours when needed, tour planning, existing tours, tour development

(Maintenance): of vehicles/bicycles

DUTIES – Please note that you will not be assigned a specific job, but will be required to undertake a wide variety of tasks and to become familiar with all aspects of the operation.
-Writing of daily waybills
- Packing of picnics in the morning (when they have large groups or staff shortages, you will be required to help with picnic preparation and clean-up of picnics)
- Liaising with guides during pick-up times
- Shopping/ banking/ accounting /general errands about town as needed
- Telephonic bookings & enquiries, including evening/ week-end cell phone duty
- Servicing of e-mail enquiries
- Maintenance of computer filing & hard copy filing, information storage, office order
- Helping out on special/corporate groups as needed
- catering/driving, etc
- Some marketing duties, e.g. dropping brochures, flip files, drawing up presentations, etc-

Possibly accompanying extended biking or hiking tours as a general helper
- Helping out with practical maintenance of equipment, bicycles, etc
- You will need to get a PDP (professional driving permit) in case you are required to transport paying customers at any point.

Requirements:Basic computer skills. Love of sports/outdoors.Knowledge of tourism industry.
Good with people, flexible, independent and able to take the initiative, hard working (not a clock watcher).
One who understands the unique demands of the tourism industry/keeping clients’ happy, delivering quick efficient & friendly service!

PLEASE NOTE: This is an UNPAID internship and applies to international students only. Please reply with the reference '159' to or check out our website

Property/ Real Estate-167

This company operates in the property foreclosure business.They buy houses to keep, to renovate and to sell.

There are different departments the intern could be active:
Marketing and Administration and Research for the different projects they're are taking on.

Economics, marketing, tourism or business administration.

The normal computer programs, has to speak and write good English.

They are looking for someone who is Independent, somebody who does not take no for an answer, preferable somebody from an entrepreneurial family.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an UNPAID internship, and applies to international students only. Please reply with the reference '167' to or check out our website


This non profitable organization offers holistic sustainable programmes, which focus on empowering youth at risk with constructive alternatives. It aims to transform communities through the influence of transformed individuals.

It helps people develop life skills, compassion, and a determined, positive attitude. They aim to set thousands of young people free from lives of poverty, mediocrity and destruction, and to contribute to the prosperity, pride and success of our country.

They use outdoor and adventure activities as a profound metaphor through which to promote individual growth and community transformation.

Combining challenging activities with skilled facilitation they maximize the learning experience. They create learning opportunities and help participants to seize them. Their programs are challenging, but never overwhelming; they stretch but never break; they are memorable and life changing.

The Intern would be addressing several issues.
Updating CSI Portfolio
distribution of Newsletter
Website Maintenance
Marketing and Events Coordination
Editing assessment and course reports
Volunteer Programs

Marketing & Events

An environment of diplomatic management and mentorship will accommodate for any shortfall.

The intern should have an energetic and outgoing personality, an ability to adapt to changes and be flexible as well as an ability to accept direction and implement instructions.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an UNPAID internship, and applies to international students ONLY
Please reply with the reference "30” to or check out our website

Media/ Production/ Marketing/ PR - 100

Are you interested in the film industry?

This company consists of 3 main departments: Character agency, Film Production and Casting Director.Their main aim is to provide actors / characters to the Film Industry for commercials. TV, Music Videos, and Stills etc

This Company is looking for an intern to assist them in the following departments:
-Working on the Character Agency side, as well as the Casting side.
-Helping with Administration tasks such as updating Data Base, adding new talent, working on Briefs, calling Talent to go to Castings.
-Helping on Casting days with the organization, do Talent Scouting and Telephone Marketing.

Studies needed forthis internship.
Media, Film Production, Business, Sports Science, Marketing, PR

The Requirements are:
Fluent in English (speak and write), good knowledge with Microsoft Office ( exel, word etc)Photo Shop.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an UNPAID internship and applies to International students ONLY. Please reply with the reference "100" to or check out our website

Business Management/ ITC -144

Since 1980, the company has specialized in the development and implementation of Omnix ERP, an advanced Enterprise Resource Planning and Supply Chain Management solution for small, medium and large size enterprises.

Since 2000, they have included in its stable an Internet Service Provider in the form of the companies Net and have subsequently positioned itself as an end-to end business solutions provider. With the head office based in Cape Town, they also have a presence in Gauteng and Port Elizabeth.

Omnix, their flagship product offers a fully integrated financial solution that includes; Manufacturing, Job Costing, Wholesale, Distribution and Retail modules. The company has developed an established client base in the local Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution and Clothing Industries and various vertical markets such as Hire Purchase, Leasing, Machine Rental and Car Hire.

They are looking for interns who can help them on the following departments:PHP Development, Process Design and implementation, planning, strategy, Marketing, Sales.

SUITABLE STUDIES ARE: Marketing, Computer Programming or Business Management.

They require an intern who has experience with computers, is a hard worker and social.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an UNPAID internship, and applies to International students ONLY. Please reply with the reference number '144' to or check out our website

Marketing / Business & Web Development - 34

This company enables anyone to easily start a WiFi Hotspot, share their broadband internet connection to earn an income, while at the same time, providing ubiquitous, inexpensive pre-paid wireless internet access to end-users.

On which department would the intern be active?
Business Development
Software web Development (Programming)
Marketing & Sales

Specific qualifications required by the intern
Software/Web development
PHP Java S
Embedded Linux
PHP Java Script
Software/Web development
Embedded Linux
Business Development
Economics/ law/ Business/ Admin/ Finance
Marketing and Sales
Sales and Marketing background
Tourism/ Hospitality background

Specific characteristics the intern should have.
Self Motivated
Get going attitude
Work on own initiative
Innovative attitude
Outgoing personality and Social

PLEASE NOTE: This is an UNPAID internship and applies to international students only. Please reply with the reference “34” to or check out our website

Web Design and Development - 13

The main activities of this company are Webdesign, database design, Web based software development, internet hosting, mapping and GIS (geographical information systems.

They delivering quality web and client-side applications that connect people to their market. Offering a dedicated hosting package to suite people’s detailed needs. They also offer Ability to program visual basic or JavaScript
Knowledge about database
Knowledge of the web
Working of a programming language

Possible studies needed are a Diploma or degree in programming or any web based languages
If no degree, working experience in programming

PLEASE NOTE: This is an unpaid internship and applies to international students only. Reply with the reference “13” to or check out our website

Marketing/ Developing/ Admin-14

This is an online marketing agency in Cape Town providing specialist services. The Websites they build are Content Management Systems that provide the clients with a tool to easily get their message across on the Internet in a simple and effective manner.

They utilize highly interactive, collaborative and cost-efficient online applications like wikis, blogs and social media as well as a social media specialist that has developed several software applications and services which will improve the efficiency of internal communication, collaboration and online marketing activities of its users. These products and services include the development of media rich web pages, social media optimization and consultation.

Departments where the intern could be active:
Online/Offline Junior Marketer
Junior Web Designer/Developer
Admin/Accounts Assistant

Studies required by the intern:
Marketing, Accounting, ITC

Qualifications needed by the intern:
Ability to converse effectively with a diverse group of colleagues
Ability to work independently (opportunity to work from home)
Ability to work well in a team (don’t fight the flow)
Be proactive, self-motivated and show initiative
Show integrity and professionalism in all areas of work.

Characteristics needed
Be flexible and willing to work in a rapid changing environment. Have good organisational and prioritisation skills.
Have good communication and interpersonal skills Be an ‘out-of-the-box’ thinker

PLEASE NOTE: This is an unpaid internship and applies to International students only. Reply with the reference “14” to or check out our webste

Design and Development - 33

This team of bright, young experts unites their collective skills every day so that they can offer the best in website design, and web-based application development, dynamic Flash animation, motion graphics, CRM, online strategies, email campaigns & a whole range of print application too.

They specialize in high-level design and creativity that conforms to international standards. They are specialists in constructing complex Back end systems and use the open source language Ruby on Rails to do any and all coding. Flash experts ranging from Flash games to 3D and Action Scripting to tactical Email campaigns and Newsletter design and Implementation. They employ a solid Research and Strategy culture, in order to maximize Return on Investment and customer value.

DESIGN – To assume responsibility aspects of a project .Design and Shadow senior designers to gain insight into and participate in a project, from Brief to Deployment.

DEVELOPERS – Allocated a module based approach to coding HTML & Flash to construction within our CMS and contribution to software programs developed by them. Development of Websites and monitoring of Web stats etc

Which department would the intern be active?
Design/ Development

Specific qualifications required for this internship?
Design – Multimedia/ Web degree which includes Design, HTML and CSS, Flash.

Developer – (BSC), Information Systems – ROR (Ruby On Rails) and MySQL courses.

Specific characteristics required in an intern?
Takes Initiative

PLEASE NOTE: This is an UNPAID internship, and applies to international students only. Please reply with the reference ‘33’ to or check out our website

Web Design and Development - 32

Are you interested in Web Design and Development? Then this is the perfect internship for you.
This is a fairly small, creative agency, and they love what they do. They work very hard (and play hard when they can).
Life is generally chaotic in the studio; with over 10 projects running at any given time. They do however still manage to get everything done on time, and try to over-deliver wherever possible.

Web Design & Development, Design and Management of e-mail newsletter campaigns.
Creating standard based websites in CSS & XHTML.
Developing this on their own content management system written in PHP & MySQL

They are looking for someone to re-develop their management system (in PHP & MySQL). This system will automate their workflow; keep track of task lists, client documents, finances, etc. This could be a great project for an intern to focus on in their time here in Cape Town. They like to be involved with the planning and specifications of this system, but the developer will have a lot of freedom on some of the details as well as how the framework is developed.

Web programming
Experience in PHP & MySQL would be required.
Experience with AJAX, CSS & JQuery would be a big bonus

Simply experience in PHP & MySQL. They use Dreamweaver as their development software, but an intern would be free to use whatever they prefer.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an UNPAID internship and applies to international students only. Please reply with reference '32' to or check out our website

Marketing, Tourism, Business Management & Finance-37

This company has two main departments, a conference department and a destination management department.
Activities of the company include coordinating conferences, destination management and incentives.

They are looking for an intern to be an assistant conference coordinator and assist with DMC research.

Departments on which the intern could be active:
Conference Department / Destination Management Department

Studies needed for this internship:
Marketing, Tourism, Business Management, Finance

Specific qualifications needed:
French speaking, good English skill, good grasp of Word, Excel, Power Point, creative input.
The student should be willing to work in small company, will to engage in diverse activities, friendly manner, passionate about travel and African, a passion for soccer also helps.

This company seeks an intern from January 2009 onwards.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an UNPAID internship and applies to International students ONLY.
Please reply with the reference “37” to or check out our website

Tourism/ Hospitality/ Guesthouse-162

Want to work abroad and experience new cultures?

This Guest House is a well established guesthouse in Cape Town, South Africa situated only 10 minutes away from Cape Town city centre including the "trendy" Long- and Kloof Street with its restaurants and cafes.
Only a 30 - 45 minutes drive away you will find numerous scenic routes and mountain trails, golf courses and the most beautiful wine lands. Internet Caf├ęs are found within walking distance as well.

They are looking for an intern who can help them with the following tasks:
- Marketing
- Answering enquiries
- Making reservations and bookings
- Check in and check out of guests
- Guest relations and customer satisfaction
- Assistance of Manager in duty Management
- Housekeeping
- Booking shuttles/ tours

- Experience in marketing, hospitality and tourism
- Good written and spoken level of English
- Person cant be too shy, must be self confident
- Reliable and friendly with guests
- Working hours: 40 hours per week, 2 days off per week (Some pocket money may be given)
- Student must be flexible on weekends sometimes as well.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an unpaid internship, and applies to international students only. Please reply with the reference ‘162’ or check out our website

Research / Web Design / Analytics - 36

This is an online travel company dealing with car rentals, self-drive holidays, accommodation, overland tours, safaris and travel advice.

They do all web development and Internet marketing in-house, so there is scope for interns to work in the web development / design / marketing positions.

Studies needed for this internship
Design / Copywriting / / IT / Web Development / Internet Marketing especially Search Marketing or Search Engine Optimisation

Specific qualifiacations needed.
IT / Web / Design students
PHP / mysql
Working with 3rd party API’s (e.g. Google Maps, Fickr, etc)
Flash Action (especially integration with PHP / XML)
Understanding of information architecture, documentation of Websites,
Website usability, Website Design, Conversion Optimisation, Website analytics and Search Engine Optimisation,

Specific characteristics needed
Good interpersonal skills

PLEASE NOTE: This is an UNPAID internship, and applies to international students ONLY
Please reply with the reference “36” to or check out our website

Industrial Engineering/Logistics/Production 40

This Company is all about Design & Manufacturing of electrical heating appliances.
There are various departments, including Marketing, Export, Finance, New Product Development, Production, Procurement, Operations, Human Resources.

They also offer projects in: Industrial Engineering, Time studies, Process optimization, Quality and efficiency improvements, Lean manufacturing studies, Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) projects, factory layout planning, automatisation, and logistics.

On which department(s) could the intern be active?
Production, Process planning, Procurement, Logistics

Studies needed for this internship
* Industrial Engineering or Mechanical engineering.
* Mechatronics studies, at least 4 semesters completed.
* Ideally a professional qualification (Berfusausbildung/Lehre) in a technical or administrative function.
* Project Management experience an advantage.

Specific qualifications required by the intern.
* English: Fluent (speaking and writing)
* Software: MS Office fully proficient

This intern should be creative, must easily integrate into a team, have an open and direct approach in communicating, be diligent, flexible, reliable and trustworthy.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an UNPAID internship and applies to international students only.
Please reply with the reference ‘40’ to and check out our website

Tourism/Journalism/Marketing -20

This is a fairly young company specialising in niche market publishing. They prefer to handle everything from conceptualization to the final product themselves.

They are a boutique-publishing house, specializing in conceptualizing, researching, writing and publishing books on niche subjects. They have recently expanded their business to include publishing custom books for clients.

They provide a full spectrum of innovative research, creative writing and professional publishing services that are tailor-made to accomplish a range of education, marketing and information-generation goals.

This company also has an in-house photography division offering location (outdoor, indoor & architecture) and product photography in a dedicated studio. In addition, we have a digital photographic library, focused mainly on the wine industry.

Their dynamic team is supported by key partnerships with the printing, distribution and marketing sectors, enabling them to deliver beyond expectation. They optimize every opportunity to investigate, characterize and articulate topics in words and photography to inspire educate and delight readers.

Their main activities are:Conceptualization of project
Market research
Project planning
Sales to clients
Data collection and verification
Photography (in-studio and on location)
Writing of book
Overseeing design and lay-out
Overseeing editing and proofing
Launch of book
Overseeing marketing and sales via book retail channels
Direct marketing to alternative channels
Feedback from clients
Archive of media reports
Certain aspects such as printing, editing and lay-out design is outsourced.

The company’s first title on South African wine was a best-seller and has achieved international recognition when it won the Gourmand World Award in 2006.The co-founder has been recognized by international organization. Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World for her role a courageous woman in the entrepreneur’s world.

The intern would receive in-house training and brought up to speed with the status of the project. Thereafter, they will being with office management, communicate with clients, manage a diary, data capturing and verification, independent research with industry bodies.

From there, they will become involve in photography and assist in keeping the photo library up to date. They could also manage a database for newsletters, marketing and media reports.Their requirements are:
Prior wine education and industry experience advantageous
Strong writing and verbal communication skills essential
Computer literate in MS word, excel, outlook, PowerPointEnglish required, additional languages advantageous
Knowledge and/or experience in photography advantageous
Passion for and good knowledge of wine essential
Entrepreneurial spirit as company offers growth prospects
Independent Works well under pressure
Organized with excellent follow-up skills
Meets deadline
Excellent people's skills
Must have own transport

PLEASE NOTE: This is an UNPAID internship and applies to International students only. Reply with the reference ‘20’ to and feel free to check out our website

Design/Branding/Marketing – 12

This is a through the line advertising company, specializing in Design and Brand Consultancy, Publishing, Events, Animation, Video, Radio, Outdoor, Web Design and Corporate Gifts.

Their main activities include Promotions & Events; Graphic Design; Brand consultancy.

On which department(s) could the intern be active?
Promotions/ Events
Sponsorship/ Marketing initiatives
Business development
Sales (marketing-driven)
Graphic Design/Multimedia
Web Developer

Studies required by the intern.
Marketing/ Advertising/ Communications
Business Management
Audiovisual Communications/ multimedia/
Business Administration (for discussion/ not key)

Specific qualifications needed
Excellent communication skills/ positive/ people person (English)
Interactive/ quick learner
Excellent writing skills (communication via email/ client communication/ reports)
Accountable and responsible/
Can manage projects

PLEASE NOTE: This is an UNPAID internship and applies to International students only. Please reply with the reference “12” to or check out our website

Media/Journalism/Production – 05

This company is all about Music marketing & Publicity, Journalism, Talent promotion, Magazine Production, and Journalism.

The intern would mainly be involved in Music marketing and promotion of artists and albums.
Studies required
Marketing, Media, Journalism, Music, Production

Qualifications required
An ability to write well, a strong interest in music and youth culture, must be creative and possess a strong imagination. Web and computer literate is important.

Specific characteristics needed in the intern
Willingness to learn about the local music scene.
Must have fine eye for detail.
Must have a positive social outlook.
Must be willing to work irregular hours (weekends and after-hours)
Be deadline driven.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an UNPAID internship and applies to International students only . Reply with the reference ‘05’ to or check out our website

Tourism / Business/ Guesthouse - 31

Located at the foot of the Table Mountain in a secluded, lush private road in the upmarket suburb, you will find this Guest Lodge.
Offering dignified elegance with elements from various South African cultures give this Lodge a very unique charm. The ideal place for our guests to unwind, embark on or conclude an exciting vacation to South Africa.

The Guest House at a glance:
Close to city centre in a lush private road.
10 mins by car to famous beaches of Camps Bay, Clifton & V&A Waterfront.
20 mins walking distance to Cape Town city centre.
5 mins by car to Table Mountain Cable Way Station.
Spacious, luxury rooms with bath and/or shower.
All rooms with private balcony or terrace.
Exotic garden with a large swimming pool.
Breakfast buffet or English breakfast available.
Guest self-service bar.
Internet with WLAN, email, fax and laundry facilities.
Conference facilities for up to 10 people.
Off-street parking available
Satellite Television
Arrangement of sightseeing tours.
Transfers to and from CTI airport.
Under German management

Front office
Reservations and parts of housekeeping in co-operation with our housekeepers
Guest relations, help to organize weddings in house and different other locations
Light gardening, watering the gardens, shopping for breakfast

Must speak English
Preferably in the field of tourism or hotel business
Would be appreciated if she would be at least 23 – 25 years old or older

They have a VW pick-up, which can be used by the student also privately
Accommodation: there is a small apartment with bath/shower, toilette-en suite, breakfast, lunch and dinner are available
The period of the internship has to be at least 12 weeks or 24 weeks or more
Pocket money is provided

PLEASE NOTE: This is an unpaid internship, and applies to international students ONLY.
Please reply with the reference ‘31” to or check out our website

Media/ Design & Hosting - 03

This company is driven by a team of individuals who collectively has over 70 years experience in online media and marketing. The company has been in operation since 2000 and has always been at the forefront of new media

On which department(s) could the intern be active?
1) Accounts department
2) Design department

Studies need for this internship
1) They would like someone with accounts and administrator experience – maybe someone with an accounts qualification or bookkeeping.
2) They would also like someone with design skills.

Specific qualifications require in the intern
1) Accounts, book keeping, experience with Pastel and general computer knowledge. Written and spoken English.
2) Design

PLEASE NOTE: This is an UNPAID internship and applies to international students only. Reply with the reference "03" to or check out our website

Marketing/Advertising/Project Management - 39

The company is a full-service advertising agency with a dual location concept. The heart of this company is in Cape Town, but the headquarters are in Munich. They conceive and develop integrated campaigns for their customers with a clear focus on New Media.

The majority of the production takes place in South Africa, which give them the opportunity to offer a considerable cost advantage over their German competitors.
They deal with, amongst others, various prominent advertising agencies and a number of medium-sized companies.

*Support of the project manager with coordination and organization of projects* Working on own projects

*Marketing orientated studies or Marketing orientated experiences

* Experienced in Marketing or Project management
*Fluent in English and German
*Very good computer literacy (internet research, IT, MS office…)

* Good organisational skills
* Attention to detail
* Young funky live awareness
* Assertive
* Reliable and motivated
* Independent

PLEASE NOTE: This is an UNPAID internship and applies to international students ONLY.
Please reply with the reference ‘39’ to or check out our website

Online Marketing/ Admin/ Research - 01

This is a Magazine Publishing House. The magazine has won many Awards and their main focus is on property. They are a dynamic, new-generation company at the forefront of developments in the South African Publishing area. Their vision is to set the highest quality parameters from every perspective – from its world-class publications to legendary client service and support.

They are looking for an intern that can help them in the following departments and gain valuable knowledge.

Helping in the Marketing Department
Database Management
Assisting in Marketing coordination and Event coordination
Upload monthly magazine content to website through CMS
Upload daily news stories to website
Research online content topics
Research competitors
Assist in various aspects of Online Marketing
Assist in mobile marketing
Various other admin jobs

PLEASE NOTE: This is an UNPAID internship and applies to International students only. Reply with the reference “01” to or check out our website

Finance/ Sales/ Real Estate - 23

This company was founded in 2005 in order to bridge the gap between the lenders and the homebuyer, playing a strategic role in the home loan application process.
Other activities are Procurement of home loans, vehicle, asset and commercial finance. Property sourcing and investment.

In South Africa there is an ever-increasing need for competent, reliable and expeditious facilitation of the home loan process. This company meets these needs with so much more.

Shopping around for the best rate, tedious paperwork and waiting weeks for your home loan approval has become a thing of the past.
This company always exceeds their customers’ expectations, maintaining the highest standard of integrity and service.
By utilising their direct channels of communication with the banks, extensive knowledge and integration with the banks’ systems, they are able to expedite the application, approval and registration process.
1. Source the most competitive, personalised home loan product to suit the individuals needs
2. Complete all necessary paperwork and advise customers of the application process so they know what to expect
3. Submitting home loan applications on the clients behalf, saving time and difficulties associated with applying themselves.
4. Procure the best possible home loan interest rate saving the client money every month.
5. Keep them informed of their application’s progress every step of the way, answering any questions they may have.
6. Offer expert advice to empower the client and help them make an informed financial decision.

Studies necessary for this internship
Anything in finance, sales and/or real estate

Student requirements
Attention to detail, efficiency, good people skills, strong sales driven personality, high energy, quick learner.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an UNPAID internship and applies to international students only. Please reply with the reference "23" to or check out our website

Tourism/ Tour Operator - 101

This company started their business with nine tours. They specialise in holidays and business trips for individuals and groups.They offer a tailor made selection of distinct packaged tours that will suit everyone’s tastes, as well as putting together specialised tours for their guests.All their tours are carried out by professional, licensed tour guides in air-conditioned vehicles, and can be conducted in multiple languages.

Their Mission Statement is: Devotion to individual attention and high quality service thus ensuring our clients maximum enjoyment and peace of mind." This company concentrates mainly on the Scandinavian market and German speaking countries. There are individual travel arrangements for FIT’s as well as a guided day tours in Swedish and German.


Communication with Agents, Clients, and Suppliers in English and/or German…
Development of travel itineraries
Booking of accommodation, activities, tours etc
Invoicing and confirmation of arrangements
General office admin

Excellent English skills
Organisational skills
Friendly team worker


PLEASE NOTE: This is an UNPAID internship and applies to international students ONLY.
Please email with the reference '101’ to

Design/Engineering/Project Management – 04

Are you in the Engineering business, or keen on learning more in this field? Then this internship is definitely for you.
This company has many departments including Design, Purchasing, Accounts, Project Management, as well as Machining, Manufacturing, Assembly and Stores.

Activities of this company include Design, development and manufacture of sheetmetal based products primarily for point-of-sale industry. Containing heating, cooling and electronic control functions.
Also ecompassing refrigeration, electrical and mechanical items.
Information Technology, Programming skills, Project Management, Draughting and Design.

Design,Office – Learn to use Solidworks and how to Design sheetmetal based products.
Project management – Managing of projects, working under a lead project manager.
IT,programming – Develop an IT system for the company to control stores, purchasing, bills of materials, build history, etc

Electronic, Electrical, Electro-mechanical (preferred), Industrial engineering, Software design. Mechanical engineering, Draughting, Project management.

At least 2 years experience or a Degree in their field.
Communicate well in English both verbal and written form, computer literate (exel, word, autocad)

The intern should be energetic, determined to succeed, interested in Engineering.
Hard working, dedicated and intelligent – work independent when required.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an UNPAID internship and applies to International students only. Please reply with the reference “04” to

Hospitality/ Tourism/ Guest House - 200

Do you want to do your internship in the perfect Guest House? Is Tourism and Hospitality your trade? Then this is a once in a lifetime internship offer you will not want to pass up.

This is a Group of 3 Guesthouses with 22 individually designed and furnished rooms located in the most popular suburb of Cape Town: Sea Point on the Atlantic Seaboard. The guesthouses are privately owned and offer personalized service.

This internship program is available to a committed young student who will work particularly in the front line of the guesthouse operations.
They provide students with an exciting six-month practical internship experience in the hospitality field. Hotel school students will be able to develop their guest service and hands-on skills in front office operations, room division and Human Resource in meaningful roles and under the supervision of the owners.

Requirements: (NB)
The applicant must be German speaking from Germany, Austria or Switzerland.
The applicant must stay for a 6-month period.
To be eligible for the practical internship students must currently be involved in or pursuing a degree in the hospitality or service management field. The students must have good English communication skills, be reliable and able to work independently and must have practical experience in the hospitality industry. They are looking for motivated, energetic and enthusiastic applicants.

Amazing benefits:
The student will receive 2.500, - ZAR (around € 200,-) per month together with free duty meals. ( Internships are usually UNPAID).
Accommodation is also provided!The applicant would be responsible for all transportation to and from South Africa.

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to apply for this once in a lifetime internship programme, please reply with the reference “200” to and feel free to check our website