Thursday, July 10, 2008


This company holds the most popular clubs in Cape Town. This company opened up it's doors in November 2003. It started off with one bar. Business grew rapidly and the bar expanded to double the size a few months later. Today they have 4 lounges and a courtyard. Since then they have opened a few more venues namely Pulse sports bar, Cruz bar, HQ cafe and club, Capella restaurant, Westwood restaurant and a bar in Camps bay. The group has grown rapidly in 3 years and they plan on opening up a few more bars around South Africa and possibly even abroad.

Entertainment market is extremely big as Cape Town is a highly popular tourist attraction and therefore having to keep up the standards of the new venues opening up. Although they watch their competitors they seldom ever compare themselves to any other venue as their standards are extremely high.

This entertainment group has always focused on the more upmarket crowd and have managed to appeal to them to this day. How target market varies throughout the crowd, i.e. Cruz is a gay friendly venue and targets the middle to upper class gay community, Pulse is a sports bar and targets all sports fans and varsity students, HQ club targets 18 - 25 year olds, Capella is a fine dining restaurant and Westwood a very beautiful yet casual environment and menu. All venues have have a very strong tourist presence.

The interns will be involved with the marketing and corporate sales departments. There are 8 business entities that these departments serve. Which are bars and restaurants. Then they have Zamani Productions and other productions which are events and coordination based business. Then they also have a DTP design company.

The intern will be involved with sales, strategy, brand preservation and development, database and website management. Front of house and hosting functions, Event and concept creation etc.

If you want to apply for this unpaid internship, please send an email with the reference number allinterns157 to: or