Thursday, July 31, 2008


Since 1980, the company has specialized in the development and implementation of Omnix ERP, an advanced Enterprise Resource Planning and Supply Chain Management solution for small, medium and large size enterprises. Since 2000, they have included in its stable an Internet Service Provider in the form of the companies Net and has subsequently positioned itself as an end-to end business solutions provider. With the head office based in Cape Town, they also has a presence in Gauteng and Port Elizabeth.

Omnix, their flagship product offers a fully integrated financial solution that includes; Manufacturing, Job Costing, Wholesale, Distribution and Retail modules. The company has developed an established client base in the local Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution and Clothing Industries and various vertical markets such as Hire Purchase, Leasing, Machine Rental and Car Hire.

They are looking for interns who can help them on the FOLLOWING DEPARTMENTS:
PHP Development, Process Design and implementation, planning, strategy, Marketing, Sales.

SUITABLE STUDIES ARE: Marketing, Computer Programming or Business Management.They require an intern who has experience with computers,is a hard worker and social.

PLEASE NOTE: This internship, applies to foreign students ONLY.

If you want to apply for this UNPAID internship, please email us with the reference number 'allinterns144 ' to

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Want to gain more work experience?
Meet new people and see different cultures?

This companies main activity is organizing functions, promotions and entertainment for corporate companies. They also have separate school projects that they run for the first 6 months of the year, targeting the Foundation Phase leaner's. This is a collage competition and runs throughout the Western, Northern and Eastern Cape.

The company is looking for an intern to assist them in the following areas:

The intern would assist the coordinator for the school projects in all aspects of the project. This would mean a large amount of time spent on the phone, explaining the project to the relevant educators, delivering the information to the schools, assisting in setting up forums in the 3 regions, and obtaining all information needed for the database.

Their requirements are:
The intern would have to be able to speak and write fluently in English. Basic computer knowledge is essential. The intern would also have to have a valid driver’s licence and a vehicle. A possible background in promotions/marketing would be advantageous.

The intern would have to be socially interactive and get along with all sorts of personality types. They would also have to have a great sales personality. They need to be able to work hard and without supervision.

PLEASE NOTE: This internship applies ONLY to foreign students.
If you want to apply for this UNPAID internship, please send an email with the reference number allinterns142 to:

Monday, July 28, 2008

Property/ Real Estate

This company operates in the property foreclosure business.

They buy houses to keep, to renovate and to sell.

There are different departments the intern could be active:

Marketing and Administrationand Research for the different projects they're are taking on.

STUDIES NEEDED: Economics, marketing, tourism or business administration.

QUALIFICATIONS: The normal computer programs, has to speak and write good English.

CHARACTERISTICS: They are looking for someone who is Independent, somebody who does not take no for an answer, preferable somebody from an entrepreneurial family.

PLEASE NOTE: This internship applies to foreign students only.

If you want to apply for this UNPAID internship, please email with the reference : 'allinterns167' to

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Like to do outdoor activities? Want to gain more experience regarding work in this area?

This company is located in Cape Town, South Africa. They are a dynamic, progressive outdoor adventure company, specialised in 4 unique adventure activities: Sand boarding, Surfing, Mountain Biking and Snowboarding. Established in 1995, they have developed each of these activities to a level of expertise and professionalism that no other company can rival.

Each adventure trip is presented in a specialized manner. All their guides are experts in each individual adventure activity, focusing on client service and individual attention. Their full repertoire includes Tandem Skydiving, Shark Cage Diving, Quad Biking, Paragliding, Abseiling of Table Mountain, Sea Kayaking, Surfing, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Sand boarding, Helicopter Rides, Kloofing and Hinking to name but a few.

Tasks of the intern will be:
* Adventure tourism administration
* Selling, booking and logistics of trips
* Marketing in adventure tourism
* Organising Adventure trips
* Office administration
* Depending on experience: Guiding adventure tours: Mountain Biking, Sand boarding and Surfing

Their requirements for an intern are:
* Good knowledge of English
* Interested in outdoors or at least feel for the activities which the company provides
* Self motivated
* Enthusiastic
* Take initiative

If you want to apply for this UNPAID internship, please email with the reference number 'allinterns165' or

PLEASE NOTE: This internship ONLY applies to foreign students.

Monday, July 21, 2008


They like to provide small to medium sized companies with all their I.T. requirements. The company resells web hosting and Internet connectivity, they provide network support to numerous companies, some of which are on monthly retainers, others on a call out basis. They sell hardware and software to businesses.

The company designs and develop websites. Design being the core function of this department, with the development department working hand in hand, developing content management systems for the sites. This allows for easy and efficient updating by the client, saving them time and money.

The intern would be actively participating in the development department. The company has numerous web systems/applications they require to be developed. The intern would be required to part build one/some of the systems. A systems programmer intern would best fit their organisation.

Their requirements are:An intern with PHP coding skills, and MySQL database knowledge is required. Alternatively, ASP.NET coding skills and SQL database knowledge.

Experience with Macro media Dream weaver, Flash, Photo shop would also help, but not a requirement.

A hard working, punctual, friendly character. Confident in his skills and in his/her personality. An independent worker, who learns quickly, is not afraid to ask questions, but at the same time has the initiative to try source a solution by themselves.

If you want to apply for this unpaid internship, please send an email with the reference number 'allinterns164' or

PLEASE NOTE: This offer applies to foreign students only

Friday, July 18, 2008


This company was established in early in 1998 and registered as a CC in 1998. They also own their on trademark. They followed a typical growth from a single designer to a fully enabled advertising agency. This steady growth from design to communications has allowed them to develop hands-on experience at all stages of a project for their clients, from initial Corporate ID design to promotion strategies involving advertising, sales promotion, personal selling marketing packs and so on.

The company has the skills and the experience in creating strategies and design for different mediums, from business cards to billboards, from leaflets to annual reports, from web pages to multimedia from radio to TV, from once-off designs to full-blown communication strategies, marketing

The company is looking for interns who can help them on the following departments:
-Creative web design.

They require interns with possible studies as Graphic design and Media Studies.
The intern has to have experience in Dream weaver, Photo shop, and Freehand.
Outgoing, well spoken, confident, honest and talented are some characteristics which they would like to see in the intern.

If you want to apply for this UNPAID internship, please email with the reference number 'allinterns163' OR

PLEASE NOTE: This internship applies to foreign students only.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Want to work abroad and experience new cultures

This Guest House is a well established guesthouse in Cape Town, South Africa situated only 10 minutes away from Cape Town city centre including the "trendy" Long- and Kloof Street with its restaurants and cafes. Only a 30 - 45 minutes drive away you will find numerous scenic routes and mountain trails, golf courses and the most beautiful wine lands.
Internet Caf├ęs are found within walking distance aswell.

They are looking for an intern who can help them with the following tasks:
- Marketing
- Answering enquiries
- Making reservations and bookings
- Check in and check out of guests
- Guest relations and customer satisfaction
- Assistance of Manager in dutyManagement
- Housekeeping
- Booking shuttles/ tours

- Experience in marketing, hospitality and tourism
- Good written and spoken level of English
- Person cant be too shy, must be self confident
- Reliable and friendly with guests
- Working hours: 40 hours per week, 2 days off per week.
- Student must be flexible on weekends sometimes as well

If you want to apply for this unpaid internship, please email with the reference 'allinterns162' to OR contact@allinterns

PLEASE NOTE: This is an unpaid internship, available to foreign students only.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Want to extend your work experience by going abroad?

An Intellectual Property operating in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town. The company specialise in the registration of Patents, Trade Marks and Designs and in Litigation in connection therewith. They also advise on Copyright matters.

They are looking for interns who will deal in the following area's :
He/she will assist with preparation and filing of patents trade marks and designs and copyright and with other legal matters.

Possible studies are:
Patent Lawyer – Intellectual property LawyerThey require an intern with:

Familiarity with MS Word and Excel is needed. He may have to run a few errands in town. A technical degree and an interest in Patent and Trade Mark law is required. Honesty and diligence, good communication skills. Can read and write English.

If you want to apply for this unpaid internship, please email with the reference 'allinterns161' to: OR

PLEASE NOTE: This offer only applies to foreign students

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Always like doing stuff abroad. Like to travel or seeing new cultures?

This internship could should you then:

The company is a local and global service provider of Experiences in Travel, Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events.Their consulting services are aimed at international businesses especially in the field of corporate social responsibility, brand activation, business facilitation and media.

The travel team consists of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge and understanding of the market and offers holistic travel services in Southern African destinations.

Meeting, Incentives, Conferences & Events
The extensive corporate experience and combination of local and international members in their team allows them to have a clear understanding of the business environment. This, combined with the passion for delivery of unique experiences while catering for their clients' specific requirements, allows them to have a competitive advantage in the Southern African Market.

Your tasks will be:
* Researching
* Concept development support
* Hosting of international clients in the tourism segments of Travel, Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Events
* Business administration and adhoc duties

They require an intern who:
* Has good English skills
* Is outgoing, independent and confident
* Is motivated, flexible
* Has Tourism or/and Event experience
* Can stay for at least 4 months

If you want to apply for this unpaid internship, please send an email with this reference number 'allinterns160' to: OR

PLEASE NOTE: This offer only applies to foreign students

Friday, July 11, 2008

Property/Real Estate

This company, from its inception, has grown to become a local market leader in sales, marketing and service in the Selling and Letting of Real Estate.

Achieving this success in a fiercely competitive market is attributable to the determination of the agents to provide unparalleled service in combination with a distinctive marketing style.

The intern will be required to do Listing of Properties and loading on to their website, keeping the website updated, doing general office tasks, and assisting the agents.

The company is looking for interns who can help them on the following departments:

1st internship: Listing of Properties and loading on to our website/keeping the website updated, doing general office tasks/assisting the agents.

2nd internship: House canvassing with agents, house viewing and listing/telephone, canvassing, sovereign and selling of properties aswell as assisting agents.

Intern must have a keen interest in Real Estate, must speak English, and have their own laptop. Intern has to follow at least the internship for 6 weeks, with a maximum of 24 weeks. Must be reliable and able to be financially independent in South Africa.

If you want to apply for this internship, please contact us with the reference number allinterns158 by email: or

Thursday, July 10, 2008


This company holds the most popular clubs in Cape Town. This company opened up it's doors in November 2003. It started off with one bar. Business grew rapidly and the bar expanded to double the size a few months later. Today they have 4 lounges and a courtyard. Since then they have opened a few more venues namely Pulse sports bar, Cruz bar, HQ cafe and club, Capella restaurant, Westwood restaurant and a bar in Camps bay. The group has grown rapidly in 3 years and they plan on opening up a few more bars around South Africa and possibly even abroad.

Entertainment market is extremely big as Cape Town is a highly popular tourist attraction and therefore having to keep up the standards of the new venues opening up. Although they watch their competitors they seldom ever compare themselves to any other venue as their standards are extremely high.

This entertainment group has always focused on the more upmarket crowd and have managed to appeal to them to this day. How target market varies throughout the crowd, i.e. Cruz is a gay friendly venue and targets the middle to upper class gay community, Pulse is a sports bar and targets all sports fans and varsity students, HQ club targets 18 - 25 year olds, Capella is a fine dining restaurant and Westwood a very beautiful yet casual environment and menu. All venues have have a very strong tourist presence.

The interns will be involved with the marketing and corporate sales departments. There are 8 business entities that these departments serve. Which are bars and restaurants. Then they have Zamani Productions and other productions which are events and coordination based business. Then they also have a DTP design company.

The intern will be involved with sales, strategy, brand preservation and development, database and website management. Front of house and hosting functions, Event and concept creation etc.

If you want to apply for this unpaid internship, please send an email with the reference number allinterns157 to: or

Monday, July 7, 2008

Business Administration/Marketing

This company is a research-driven consulting firm that provides innovative services and solutions to public, private and non-governmental (NGO) sector clients. The overall service concept that informs the companies approach and strategy is developing empowering and mutually beneficial partnerships through listening, learning and responding. They do this by providing professional, specialised research and consulting services designed not only to create sustainable solutions for their customers, but also to help them attain their strategic objectives.

The focus of the company is on working with government, business and NGOs to promote South Africa’s economic growth and development.

The intern will deal with Business development – marketing the company and responding to business opportunities with well researched proposals

Their requirements are:

A post-graduate degree or equivalent, as well as good English writing skills
Team-work, innovative and dynamic
Must have the ability to work on his/her own and to be self-motivated

If you want to apply for this unpaid internship, please contact us with the reference number allinterns154 by email: or