Monday, July 7, 2008

Business Administration/Marketing

This company is a research-driven consulting firm that provides innovative services and solutions to public, private and non-governmental (NGO) sector clients. The overall service concept that informs the companies approach and strategy is developing empowering and mutually beneficial partnerships through listening, learning and responding. They do this by providing professional, specialised research and consulting services designed not only to create sustainable solutions for their customers, but also to help them attain their strategic objectives.

The focus of the company is on working with government, business and NGOs to promote South Africa’s economic growth and development.

The intern will deal with Business development – marketing the company and responding to business opportunities with well researched proposals

Their requirements are:

A post-graduate degree or equivalent, as well as good English writing skills
Team-work, innovative and dynamic
Must have the ability to work on his/her own and to be self-motivated

If you want to apply for this unpaid internship, please contact us with the reference number allinterns154 by email: or