Thursday, July 31, 2008


Since 1980, the company has specialized in the development and implementation of Omnix ERP, an advanced Enterprise Resource Planning and Supply Chain Management solution for small, medium and large size enterprises. Since 2000, they have included in its stable an Internet Service Provider in the form of the companies Net and has subsequently positioned itself as an end-to end business solutions provider. With the head office based in Cape Town, they also has a presence in Gauteng and Port Elizabeth.

Omnix, their flagship product offers a fully integrated financial solution that includes; Manufacturing, Job Costing, Wholesale, Distribution and Retail modules. The company has developed an established client base in the local Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution and Clothing Industries and various vertical markets such as Hire Purchase, Leasing, Machine Rental and Car Hire.

They are looking for interns who can help them on the FOLLOWING DEPARTMENTS:
PHP Development, Process Design and implementation, planning, strategy, Marketing, Sales.

SUITABLE STUDIES ARE: Marketing, Computer Programming or Business Management.They require an intern who has experience with computers,is a hard worker and social.

PLEASE NOTE: This internship, applies to foreign students ONLY.

If you want to apply for this UNPAID internship, please email us with the reference number 'allinterns144 ' to